Lab [O] is a natural glass water bottle created by Canada based Aquaovo that features a protective silicone sleeve similar to a wetsuit. Designed to be impact resistant on the environment, the bottle features a BPA & Phthalates free design.

Illustrations on the exterior glass help express our close relationship with water, while a portion of profits are donated to to supply reliable safe water access worldwide. make a donation!


GAWATT Emotions Cup by Backbone Studio

Art director: Stepan Azaryan
Graphic Designer: Karen Gevorgyan
Illustrator: Narine Manvelyan

GAWATT Emotions
Customize the faces by your mood or let them lead your emotions!
The Challenge: Above the main identity of the Gawatt take-out coffee-shop, we had a task of creating a limited series of souvenir cups.
The Solution: We came up with an idea of cups with altering emotions. Customers can change the face expression of their cup personage by turning the exterior sleeve.