"Never stop wandering. Never stop wondering.”

Crossroads of Realities by Montreal based Benoit Paillé uses digital tools to create humans in the act of taking photos and superimposes the result against the virtual world of GTA V to create this stunning series.

Benoit says:

The photographic performance of this project is to overlay a material reality with a virtual one, erasing the border between the two worlds. It is a response to the proliferation of visual projects that take place in virtual spaces. It is a questioning about the notion of border and territory. A mix of two distinct realities into a single image.
Through my wanderings in the game, I observes the surrounding elements with the same look that I uses in my artistic practice in the real world. I strive to demonstrate that photography is not a reality but a means to disclose a tiny part of our vision and perception of the world around us, and to show dissolution/fusion of phenomenal reality within virtual worlds.This series is also a response/adding to the proliferation of visual projects that take place in virtual spaces. It is a questioning about the notion of border and territory
Using my DSLR, I takes screenshots\photographs of my wanderings in the game. Places of interest are marked and located on the map using the game’s GPS system. I would often return in a given virtual location, depending on the light or time of the day, color, and weather. It is processed and developed in Lightroom, using a method identical to that used for my other projects. Then comes the reflective stage, to calculate the right angle, the right light at which to put an arm holding a camera in his hands in the picture.
It is important to note that the arms belong to gamers.
Then I need to take a picture of a pair of hands form a person mimicking the action of taking the photograph that was originally taken in GTA. The hands are lit in a studio environment, the same way they would be if the person had been present at the same stage in the game (with the same atmosphere, the same shadows and colours, etc.). The real light adds to the artificiality of the subject: the medium through which reality is transformed is once again light. The final step is to assemble the images from both worlds into a single picture.
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    Crossroads of Realities by Montreal based Benoit Paillé uses digital tools to create humans in the act of taking photos...
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