EO1 by Electric Objects is a framed high definition screen and integrated computer designed to bring the internet to your home, at a much slower pace. The screen fades into the background similar to a photograph or painting due to its lack of menus, popups and clumsy hardware. An easy to use mobile app accompanies EO1 and allows for quick setup and reconfiguration, whilst the product design features a minimalist single cord design.

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Jump is a minimalist and compact charging cable and battery combo made for your iPhone. Once Jump picks up that your iPhone is fully charged, power is redirected to Jump’s two internal batteries which store an additional 30% of juice for those unexpected moments. Jump might possibly be one of the sexiest charging cable/battery combos I’ve seen.

You can purchase Jump from Native Union.

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10 Gifts Under $100 - Wingman

Looking for some great gifts, but on a budget? Wingman has a curated list of stunning tech products all under $100.

 With several unique products, make someone’s holiday better.

Nest Protect: Smoke and Carbon Monoxide x Nest Labs

Nest Labs takes unloved, but important home products and redesigns them to match modern standards. Their newest challenge involved redesigning the carbon monoxide and smoke detector alarms into something easily manageable and minimally designed.

Unlike others before, Nest Protect notifies you with a human voice and allows you to silence any alarms by the wave of a hand. Tired of those nighttime low-battery warnings? The Nest Protect fixes that with a connected mobile app that allows you to monitor alarms throughout the house and be in control, at all times.


Canary is a home security solution fit for everyone. Surpassing its initial funding goal of $100,000, demand for Canary is soaring.

Similar to the Nest thermostat, Canary learns to adapt to surrounding environments to give an optimized, unique experience.

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Finger-Nose Stylus 

Ever caught yourself in the bath, but needing to respond to an important message? With the Finger-Nose Stylus, brilliantly designed by Dominic Wilcox, it’s possible. Just strap on the attachment and you’re ready to go.

Sadly, I won’t be sporting one of these. What about you?

Introducing Scrooser!

With a little electric push, the Scrooser makes it easier for you to get across town. Weighing in at 4x more efficient than a normal scooter, the Scrooser makes those across-town trips seem easy.

If you’re interested, please fund this campaign on Kickstarter. Cool projects like these deserve to flourish.

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CERAMIC STEREO | http://objectsandinteractions.com/

The Ceramic Stereo is a standalone stereo that works wirelessly to give you the music you love.

The illuminated controls are only visible when powering up the device and immediately after an action is selected. This is all in order to reduce visual clutter and give users a more meaningful experience.

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Introducing Karma!

Working as a social wireless hotspot, Karma is leading the way in the industry. Karma creates your own branded network (Chaz’s Karma) and allows anyone to connect to it. Once connected, you create an account and purchase bandwith for the low price of $14 per GB.

If you’re travelling and you don’t have Karma, you’re not out of luck. Connect to anyone’s Karma and create/access an account. Not only will you get 100MBs of free data, but so will the owner of the Karma.

Not only is Karma changing the hotspot landscape, it’s rewarding you for sharing wireless access to others.

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Introducing the Tangible Alarm!

Working seamlessly to make turning your alarm off easier, the Tangible Alarm requires just a simple movement of the phone to get the desired outcome.

Whether it is snoozing or turning off the alarm, the Tangible Alarm has you covered. Now, go sleep some more and try this out.